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STRUNAL CZ is the largest string instruments manufacturing facility in Europe with long-time tradition. It is located in the picturesque town Luby, formerly Schönbach, in the western part of the Czech Republic. The factory continues the rich traditions of music instruments production in this region, established by master craftsmen since second half of the sixteenth century.

Initially these master craftsmen started making violins in their homes. Later several of them found effective to get together and form small manufacturing groups making violins, bows, lutes, guitars and other string instruments. By 1908 the Luby school of violin making was established, who educated several generations of great violin makers.

Today, STRUNAL CZ utilizes the traditional craftsmanship of its experienced violin and guitar makers as well as tooling and technology design of state of the art prepared by our engineers. This technology is friendly to the environment. An important factor in the production of music instruments are also the experiences and ideas among artists who have worked for long time with Strunal CZ.

We are using quality resonance woods for the production. We pay special attention to the selection, process of maturation and drying and subsequent processing. All of these aspects guarantee to our customers that the instruments made in our company have the superb acoustic features and quality. Our instruments are suitable for professional artists as well as for students and pupils of musical schools.

I believe that all customers will be satisfied with our instruments and bring them the joy of play.

Thank you for your attention and interest in music instruments produced by Strunal CZ company.

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Ivana Stolařová
Chief Executive Officer